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I have never been a big soccer fan. Basketball? Yes please! Hockey? Well, IamCanadian! Baseball? Nothing beats it in the summer. But when it comes to professional sports, soccer (football) was one that never really made a big impact on me. However, being a big sports fan in general … I just can’t stay away from a professional sports tournament!

I played the requisite houseleague when I was younger. Being so tall, my co-ordination (and speed) weren’t the greatest so I was kind of just there … not the worst, but not close to being the best. I went to a Catholic high school, where Italians were the majority of the student body. I’ll never forget the World Cup in 2002, Italian soccer game on the TV in the cafeteria, and all the Italians going insane. Thus began my dislike of Italian soccer.

My heritage is German. Both my parents were born there, and even though I have never been, I identify secondarily as a German firstly Canadian, of course). With my 6’2″ frame, blond hair, and blue eyes … I definitely look like a German as well. (Fun fact: I often get mistaken for Dutch … the fact that half my friends are Dutch and over 6′ tall doesn’t help).

Anyways, tomorrow comes Germany vs. Italy for Euro 2012. My most unliked team against my team! The biggest game of the tournament to me!!! Sending LOTS of luck towards the (extremely sexy) German players!! Can’t wait to watch tomorrow 🙂

(P.S. I have nothing against anything else Italian! Especially pizza. Just not soccer)

EDIT: DOH! Well, Balotelli = unstoppable. Hope Spain can stop him on Sunday. COME ON SPAIN!!!! Bis zum nachsten Mal Deutschland! World Cup 2014