As I sit here at my desk, eating pickles straight out of the jar, I decided Hey! Why not start a blog! This isn’t my first wordpress blog. I have another one about food, called On that blog I write about recipes I find and try, as someone new to the cooking world who is prone to making errors. However, with summer here I don’t want to make big elaborate meals (nor do I have the time … hence why I’m eating pickles) but I’d still like to try my hand at blogging!

I don’t really know what I expect to do with this blog. Hopefully just come on here to wrote about whatever pops up on my mind, whether it’s funny, happy, sad, angering, or just plain wierd! I’m by no means an eloquent writer (although I’m pretty impressed with myself for using the word ‘eloquent’ in a sentence) but I’ll try my darndest!

Oh, and pickles really don’t have to do with anything. I just like them. Nom.