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Well Germany just lost to Italy. So I’ll console myself by watching some retarded Italians get drunk and hump like rabbits… otherwise known as JERSEY SHORE!

I’ll admit, I am a Jerzday fanatic. Every thursday Jerzday I rushed home after my 9 p.m. shift to catch their shenanigans and just wonder how people could possibly end up being as stupid, reckless, and immature as these meatheads and meatballheads. Like seriously … what did their parents put in their food? Are all New Jersey/New York Italians like this?????? Also .. why are they all so SHORT? I have to wonder how they aren’t so embarassed that their parents are watching them … and how their parents don’t disown them!!! Some of the comments these girls make just blow my mind. “The water’s all whale sperm, thats why the water’s salty“. D’OH! Smack my head … against a brick wall … thirty times.

Honestly, it just blows my mind that people can act like this and think it’s OK, and want the world to see it! This isn’t limited to Jersey Shore … Geordie Shore is even worse (and harder to understand what they are saying), and then theres show’s like the Real World, Paradise Island (remember that?) and even the Bachelor and Bachelorette which all promote drinking and hooking up with multiple random strangers, essentially. Maybe I’m a bit of a prude, maybe I just was raised with good morals and actually stuck with them, but I just cannot imagine living my life like that. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had the occasional black out night, and make out with a stranger in a night club. But I have never and will never brough back a random man to my home, or gone back to theirs. Helllllllo ladies it’s called respecting yourselves. That kind of lifestyle isn’t for me.

This picture would be even better if the book was upside down.

That turned more into a rant against idiots and slutty girls … oh well.