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The following is a post that a friend of mine put on facebook after an experience he had today. He is truly a wonderful person. I have known him for 8 years and I have no doubt that he is the type of person to do this. I feel truly blessed to be able to count him as a friend.

Whats really sad is the people he describes in his post. People who did not stop for one second to think how the gentleman in this situation felt, and who made him feel bad for slowing down their go-go-go life. If more people took time to show kindness like my friend did, the world would be a much better place. Most people would not take the time out of their day like he did, to stop and help someone in need and to be honest, no one would be expected to. But whats especially disgusting is that people were going out of their way to yell, swear, and honk and someone in an already difficult situation. Absolutely awful and I really hope that by reading the following post, and a few of the comments that were made on it by his friends, that some of you will remember this if you run across this situation in the future.

The Post:

Today I witnessed something terrible… I was driving down a road in Oakville and I get in the outside of two turning lanes, making a left turn. Immediately after completing the turn I was stopped because there was a van that had shut down… with it’s four-ways on and a gentleman was on the side of the road trying to make a phone call. I was able to make my way around and could hear car horns and drivers swearing. I pulled into a nearby lot and walked back to ask the very stressed out gentleman if he was okay.
In the short time I stood there there were countless car horns polluting the air. I stared at a car seat and a toy hanging in the backseat until the gentleman got off the phone with CAA, he looked like he was about to cry and cringed with every horn. So I offered to help him push his car to that nearby lot. Even while we were pushing the vehicle there were endless horns and people going out of their way to roll down their windows and swear at us for holding up traffic. I reassured the gentleman and told him not to listen to them. We were almost there. It didn’t take us long and he was so incredibly thankful that he gave me a very sweaty hug, again looking like he was going to cry. I bought him a bottle of water at the gas station asked if he was okay and then continued on my way home.
I hated people a bit today. To see someone in such desperate need of help and obviously in a situation out of his control. To yell, swear and blow up your horns at him. It was awful. If they imagined themselves in his situation for even a few seconds I hope that they would have reconsidered what they did today. I hope that I never become one of those people I witnessed today. That man was stranded for about 25 minutes before I came and I am unsure as to how long he would have waited for CAA. But those people today couldn’t have been more than 4 or 5 minutes late to wherever they were going.
Before reacting to a similar situation. Please take a few seconds to imagine yourself in that person’s shoes. It really does change everything.
Keep your clouds white and your skies bright today everyone. We’re all pretty lucky.
Responding comments:
  • The patience, kindness and genuine concern for the well-being and sanity of others is exactly why you’re such a valued member of our orchard. Never lose sight of just how much impact you have in the lives of others by simply being you and treating others as you’d like to be treated.
  •  You are truly an amazing person, D. Thank you for sharing this story, it’s an excellent reminder to keep things in perspective and look out for our fellow human beings, regardless of whether it means stopping to help or simply holding back the urge to honk that horn. Beautiful.
  • If you had your faith in the kindness of humans questioned today from this situation, then think of how the faith in humans was probably reassured within the man that you helped BECAUSE you helped him. He had countless people sending negative energy his way, and all it took was one kind human being (you!!) and I bet from this experience what he remembers is how wonderful humans can be. So good on your for being that bit of positive energy needed to make the negative not matter! Hope you are having a lovely evening 🙂 xoxo
  • And from my friend, the original poster:
    It isn’t about doing what I did today. But more just not doing what they did. They went out of their way to hurt an already pained man. The last few weeks have been terrible for me. I was under a lot of stress and pressure and I felt awful. I’m lucky enough to have great shoulders to lean and cry on. As dark as those days were I’m feeling a lot better now and I can feel myself getting better. This blazing blue sky and dream-like clouds remind me of today and this feeling and not feeling of last week. Just a reminder of the other side of dark clouds. To bright days and brighter. By all means, share the experience.